The OKFestival Green Hackathon is an opportunity to meet great developers and sustainability experts as we help out our planet with some innovative coding. Come along, solve problems, and invent new ideas and applications that help moving towards sustainability.

What’s a hackathon?

A hackathon is an opportunity for software developers, designers, and others to come together to build something for fun, outside the normal pressures of business, clients, and users. They are innovation powerhouses, where every idea adds something new. Sometimes the hacks can go on to do very well, but most people take part for the reward of just having built something that they think is great! If you want more, the lovely people at Rewired State explain it very well. We also support and follow the Hack Day Manifesto

Green Hackathon

Green Hackathon is a series of events where the focus is in sustainability, using computer technology for working towards reducing energy use, making emissions visible, increasing awareness and knowledge, changing lifestyles, creating collaborations for sustainability.. Past events include Stockholm and London, and you can look at previous results for inspiration.

The format

The OKFestival Green Hackathon has a more flexible format than regular hackathons. It will be more like a drop-in jam session to get hands-on with some of the subject matter than a full 24 hours hackathon with stress and financial prizes. There is no competition component nor jury or prizes. The hack space will be open during two days between 11:30 and 20:00 and you can choose to stay the whole time or drop in and out during that time to attend other presentations.

As the time is more limited, the focus of this hackathon is to work on improve existing projects and existing data, rather than creating new things. Everyone is free to work in anything they find interesting, but there are a number of challenges that teams can build around. For each challenge there will be a workshop to work hands on with it (See schedule). All the results will be collected on site and discussed during the wrap up.


You can register the interest at our Lanryd page. Participation on the hackathon is free and you do not need a OKFestival pass. If you’re intending to participate the hackathon but not the OKFestival please register at Lanryd and post as an email to sustainability[at]okfestival.org mentioning this.

Who is behind?

This event is organized by the OKFN, the Centre for Sustainable Communications at The Royal Institute of Technology, EIT ICT Labs, Cleanweb UK. The event is part of the Sustainable stream at the OKFestival and you can reach the organizers at sustainability[at]okfestival.org

Intellectual property

Even if we will suggest releasing the results as open source or open data, any IP you create at the event is your own. You can release it open source, keep it to yourself, whatever you want. If you join a team with others, it’s up to you to sort out the IP issues between you. The OKFestival Green Hackathon organisers make no claim on any IP you create, though we will talk about the presented work far and wide and might use images of it (unless you specifically ask us not to).

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